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  • Reo Ora Online Course (Most popular!)

    Reo Ora Online Course (Most popular!)

    Reo Ora is an amazing new Online Course for learning Māori language, in 12 weeks, from lower beginner to intermediate level.

    The Online Course has over 80 recorded video tutorials, 57 recorded live classes reinforcing each tutorial, 50 online quizzes and assessments and an audio transcription assessment tool which allows you to record, practice and perfect your pronunciation through the app.

    The login to the Online Course course is designed to last for the duration of the Māori 101 and 102 courses and will expire after 14 weeks from registration. If you decide, within the 14 weeks, to register for the VIP package, we can extend your login to the app for a further 14 weeks.


    Reo Ora Online Course (Most popular!)

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