Reo Ora Online Course

Reo Ora Online Course

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Certificate in Te Reo

An amazing new online course for learning the Māori language in 12 weeks, from lower beginner to intermediate level.


  • Improve your Te Reo Māori skills
  • Gain self-confidence and empowerment
  • Develop a stronger sense of identity

Learning Te Reo is a great way to honour the language and identity. History and language go hand-in-hand and now is the time for a revival, bringing Māori heritage to the forefront of Aotearoa.


Our course is put together by one of New Zealand's leading Māori language academics, Dr. Rāpata Wiri. He has successfully taught many large Government departments, companies and city councils and this course is the culmination of over 15 years of research and teaching by him.


A world-class, fully automated online platform with over 80 recorded video tutorials, 57 recorded live classes reinforcing each tutorial, 50 online quizzes and assessments and an audio transcription assessment tool which allows you to record, practice and perfect your pronunciation through the portal.


With our accelerated learning system, you can be speaking the Māori language in no time!


There are 5 modules to complete in the online course which cover topics including: The Nature of the Māori Language; Family Genealogy; Nominal Sentences; Counting and Time; Progressive Sentences; and more.


You must complete each module, in sequence, before moving to the next module. The quizzes and assessments as well as the audio transcription exercises are self-automated marking. This means you receive a result immediately upon completion of each quiz or assessment. You have two attempts at the assessments.


What to expect:


• You will become a competent Te Reo Māori speaker in 12 weeks by learning the 329 most commonly used words and the 30 most commonly used language patterns in the Māori language. These 329 words and 30 sentence patterns make up 65% of everyday conversation

• You will receive a 3-month membership to the online course for Māori 102

• You will receive an e-Book to support your learning

• You will gain real confidence, self-esteem and pride in your own identity through this programme


Module 1



Lesson One: The Māori alphabet

Lesson Two: Combining vowels and consonants

Lesson Three: Pronunciation of Māori place names around Aotearoa

Lesson Four: Basic Greetings and Expressions of Address

Lesson Five: Basic questions and replies

Lesson Six: Singular pronouns

Lesson Seven: Nō hea koe? (Where are you from?)

Lesson Eight: Introductions

Lesson Nine: Putting it all together in basic conversation by watching a cartoon.


Module 2:



Lesson One: He Whakapapa Whānau - A Family Genealogy

Lesson Two: Ko wai? (Who is?)

Lesson Three: Using ko wai to talk about family members

Lesson Four: ‘Rāua ko’, ‘and’; ‘Mā’, ‘And the Others'

Lesson Five: Hei Mahi Tuatoru

Lesson Six: He Mihimihi – Greetings

Lesson Seven: He Mihi/ Pepeha (An Introduction to your Genealogy and Tribal Landmarks)

Lesson Eight: Hei Kōrerorero - Nō hea tō Whānau? Hear all of the Māori sentence structures in a cartoon.


Module 3:



Lesson One: Ngā Rereingoa - Nominal Sentences

Lesson Two: Introducing ‘Ko’

Lesson Three: Nga Pūmau - The Definite Pronouns

Lesson Four: From ‘He’ To ‘Ko’

Lesson Five: He Pātai Me Ōna Pūmau - Questions with Definite Pronouns

Lesson Six: Ngā Pūwhea – Modifiers

Lesson Seven: Review Exercise – He Whakarāporoto

Lesson Eight: Hei Kōrerorero - Te Tangata Kaitā. Hear all of the Māori sentence structures in a cartoon.


Module 4:



Lesson One: Kotahi Ki Te Whā Tekau - Counting — 1 to 40

Lesson Two: Counting 100 to 1000

Lesson Three: Counting people

Lesson Four: ‘E Hia?’ ‘How Many?’

Lesson Five: ‘He Aha te Utu?’ ‘What is the Cost?’

Lesson Six: ‘Kia Hia?’ ‘How many are Needed?’

Lesson Seven: ‘E hia ngā Tau?’ ‘What is the Age?’

Lesson Eight: ‘He aha te Wā?’ ‘What's the Time?’

Lesson Nine: Ngā Rā o te Wiki -Days of the Week

Lesson Ten: Ngā Marama o Te Tau - Months of the Year

Lesson Eleven: Ngā Wāhanga o Te Tīnana - Parts of the Body

Lesson Twelve: Hei Kōrerorero - Te Motokā Hōu. Hear all of the Māori sentence structures in a cartoon.


Module 5:



Lesson One: Ngā Reremahi - Progressive Present Tense Sentences

Lesson Two: 'Ko Te Pūtūmua Ki’ - The Proposition‘Ki'?

Lesson Three: ‘Ki Hea?’ ‘To Where?’ ‘Ki Te Aha?’ ‘At/To What?

Lesson Four: ‘Ki a’ - With Personal and Proper Pronouns

Lesson Five: 'Ki a Wai?’ ‘To Whom?’ ‘At Whom?’

Lesson Six: Hei Kōrerorero - Kei te haere a Hinerangi ki hea? Hear all of the Māori sentence structures in cartoon.


Module 6



Lesson One: Ngā Kītea Direct Object Markers

Lesson Two: Whakatakahia Te Kītea - Dropping the Object Marker

Lesson Three: Mā Runga i te Aha? By What Means of Transport

Lesson Four: Hei Kōrerorero - Te haere a Hinerangi ki te Kiriata. Hear all of the Māori sentence structures in cartoon.


Module 7:



Lesson One: Ngā Tūpou – Personal Pronouns

Lesson Two: Ngā Tūpou Me Ōna Hononga – Personal Pronouns with ‘and’

Lesson Three: Ngā Rōpū Pūriro ‘Ā’ Me ‘Ō’ – The ‘Ā’ and ‘Ō’ Categories

Lesson Four: Nga Rirohanga ‘T’ Rōpū - ‘T’ Class Possessives

Lesson Five: Hei Kōrerorero – Te Hākari Nui. Hear all of the Māori sentence structures in cartoon.


Module 8:



Lesson One: ‘Kei hea?’ – ‘Where is?’

Lesson Two: ‘I hea?’ – ‘Where Was?’

Lesson Three: Kei Runga/Raro/Roto/Waho/Mua/Muri – On Top/Below/Inside/Outside/In Front/At the Back

Lesson Four: Konei, Konā, Korā – Over Here, There (By You), There (Far Away)

Lesson Five: Hei Kōrerorero Kei hea te pukapuka a Rāpata? Hear all of the Māori sentence structures in cartoon.


Module 9:



Lesson One: Te Tūwā Heke – Future Tense Te Tūwā Mua – Past Tense

Lesson Two: Te Tūwā Mutunga Kore O Mua – Progressive Past Tense

Lesson Three: Hei Mahi Tuarima Exercise 9.5 – Whakamāoritia (Translation exercise)

Lesson Four: Hei Kōrerorero Te Whakataetae Kapa Haka’ (Translation exercise)

Lesson Five: Hei Kōrererero Te Whakataetae Kapa Haka. Hear all of the Māori sentence structures in cartoon.


Module 10:



Te Whakakāhoretanga o ngā Rereingoa – How to negate Nominal Sentences

Lesson Two: Te Whakakāhoretanga o Ngā Reremahi – Negating Progressive Sentences

Lesson Three: Te Whakakāhoretanga O Ngā Rerewāhi – Negating Locative Sentences

Lesson Four: Hei Mahi – Whakamāoritia.

In this lesson, Dr. Rāpata will help you translate the sentences into Māori.

Lesson Five: Hei Kōrererero – Ko te Whutupōro. Hear all of the Māori sentence structures in cartoon.


Ka taea e koe te ako i te reo Māori?
Kia kaha! Kia toa! Kia ita!