Peter Howse

Peter Howse

Several months ago, I started investigating for a course, to allow me to learn Te Reo Maori. Everywhere I looked, the learning Institution’s were full up with waiting lists of people wanting to learn Te Reo. I searched online and found a Maori Language Study Course called Reo Ora Ko Te Pū For beginners Level 1 and 2. That looked to be for me. I wanted a course that would allow me to study at my pace, which had support online learning, and interaction with other learning students, as well as a tutor online once a week to facilitate a classroom learning environment, and answer all those questions that come with learning something new. Reo Ora also offered great payment options, if required for me, and the pricing structure was reasonable. The course also provides self-assessments during the period of the course so you can track and know where your strengths are, and of cause where you need to spend more study time on specific chapter content. Nine weeks into Reo Ora program, my knowledge of the structure of the language, and my vocab has increased dramatically, and of course, my “kōrerorero” of the language in actual sentences that are structured correctly, not just words are thrown together. Look, I have a long way to go before I reach my personal goal of “Whakahuatanga matatau” at a level, Ngā tāngata actually can understand what I am saying.


If you want to succeed with this learning language program then below are the points I believe I need to do to achieve:


  • Set a study goal of at least 10 hrs per week (turn the TV off)
  • Study in a quiet place
  • Every day practice pronounciation of vowels and follow the practice exercises in your course documentation. Very good!
  • Learn to record yourself, and hear how good/bad, you sound on your own computer/ laptop
  • Practice Practice Practice
  • Revision every 2 weeks so you don’t forget what you already have learned
  • Ensure you attend every weekly Virtual classroom learning hour. Its great being among other ngā akonga ako te reo
  • Remember it’s not a race and don’t beat yourself up if things are not always right. With practice, they will come right


Finally, this course is for all ages. Young and not so young. At 67 years of age, I am finding this course mīharo. My confidence in speaking te reo is at a level that pushes me to go on further after this course comes to an end. The course has now shown me to go and think outside the square and create sentences that mean something, and I can practice and help fill taku pukapuka o ngā kupu hou.


So I say to all that are pānui raro


“Kaore e taea e koe te ako i te kuri tawhito he tinihanga hou”.


Ae  ka taea e koe!


Taku Mihi


Peter Howse

Owner/ Operator

Pegasus Bay Home Maintenance Services Ltd