Why macrons matter and how to add them to your devices

If you wonder what Macrons are and why you need to use them in the Māori language, you have come the right place. Here is the explanation by Dr. Rāpata Wiri, who has been teaching the language for over 25 years.

A macron in a line that appears over Māori vowels, such as a, e, i, o, u. Why is it really important? It means that you can lengthen the vowel sound. The other reason is you can change the meaning of the word entirely. Watch the video below to get the full explanation with examples.

How do you install macrons on your computer? Whether you are a Mac or a Windows user, you will be able to find a solution below.

Click play on the videos below to get the full instructions.

If you are keen on using your Reo Ora App on a mobile device, here are the instructions on how to add macrons to your phone.

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