Pukapuka Mahi/Workbook for Course 4


Reo Ora – Workbook and User Guide – He Pukapuka Mahi, explains how the online course for Reo Ora works and provides all of the questions, translation and listening comprehension exercises contained on the app. This workbook is a must for those who are thinking about learning Te Reo, through our Certificate in Te Reo.

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This Interactive workbook was designed to compliment the assessments contained in the online course as well provide some beginner tips to getting starting on Reo Ora.


The workbook includes a section on how to add macrons to the letters ā ē ī ō ū to any device and also includes all the questions to all the assessment questions so you can print them off and write on it.


The Pukapuka mahi/Workbook is an essential companion for Course 2 of Reo Ora.