Me aha a Hera? – Romantic love story in Te Reo Māori


“Me aha a Hera?” – “What Shall Hera Do?” is a romantic drama which follows the story of Hera, who has just broken up with her boyfriend Hakopa. The love story is written in Māori with English subtitles and each episode has a QR code which you scan to watch the movie, featuring young, fresh fluent speaking Māori talent.

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After living in Australia for 3 years with her ex, Hera decides to return home to New Zealand to be with her whānau. Hera’s brother, Uenuku and his girlfriend, Mārama are excited that Hera is returning to New Zealand, but they suddenly realize that their best friend, Tāmati, is madly in love with Hera. Tāmati is even more excited that Hera has broken up with her ex and is returning to New Zealand. Does Tāmati have the charm and determination to “woo” Hera? Find out more by watching this 10 episode love story about “What Shall Hera do?”