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The name of this ebook and online course is Reo Ora which means Living Language and is the prescribed text for the Reo Ora – Māori language programme.

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The book consists of two parts: Ko Te Pū – Māori 101 (lower beginner) and Ko Te More – Māori 102 (advanced beginner) and is divided into 10 chapters (173 pages long). Chapters 1-5 (Ko Te Pū) examine the following topics: The Nature of the Māori Language; Family Genealogy; Nominal Sentences; Counting and Time and Progressive Sentences. Chapters 6-10 (Ko Te More) analyse the following topics: Progressive Sentences with Direct Object Markers; Personal Pronouns; Location and Locatives; Future and Past Tense and Negation.


There are over 50 exercises, translations and conversational scripts in the book which teach the 329 words and 30 sentence patterns that make up 65% of everyday conversational Māori (Te Reo Ōpaki).