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Aotearoa is the Māori word for New Zealand, its home country.

The Māori Language Week And Why It Is Celebrated?

Māori Language Week is part of a broader effort to revive the Māori language. The program, also known as Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, is funded by the New Zealand government. It strives to encourage people in New Zealand to speak the Māori language with pride. An annual festival known as Māori Language Week is organised during the third week of September. This year the event was from September 12 to 19.

New Zealanders and the global community are inspired to master the language and experience the rich tradition of the region. Events are held all around the nation to commemorate this occasion and promote New Zealand’s magnificence.

Since 1975, the Māori Language Week has been celebrated annually to honour the Māori language petition addressed to parliament on September 14, 1972.

Why Is The Māori Language Week So Important?

In the early 1970s, it became evident that few New Zealand citizens could converse in Māori. The Te Reo Māori Society created a petition for the Māori Language because many people were worried about its state of decline and signed it. Nearly 30,000 people signed this petition and introduced it to the parliament on September 14, 1972. In 1975, this day was designated Māori Language Day, and it was this day that gave rise to Māori Language Week.

“Strength for an endangered language comes from its status, people being aware of how to support revitalisation, people acquiring and using it and from the language having the right words and terms to be used well for any purpose.”

Every New Zealander is encouraged to participate in the Māori Language Week to celebrate Māori as the official language of the country.

While understanding the language is not obligatory, Te Reo is a unique aspect of the Kiwi heritage. Words like kia ora, haka, puku, and whanau are known and frequently used by New Zealanders who have never studied Te Reo.

Māori Language Week allows embracing something unique to New Zealand. Even if you do not speak Māori well or even if you would like to, the Māori language nevertheless defines our identity.

Can I learn Māori Online?

The Māori language serves as the medium for the link between the Māori people, language, culture, and land. To pronounce the Māori words properly is to display gratitude for the people, culture, land, and history of New Zealand.

There are many Te Reo Māori Online Courses available. Reo Ora provides a 12-week Te Reo Māori Online Course that will help you with an insight into the articulation of the Māori language and the confidence you require to speak common Māori words and phrases properly.

The program covers

  • Workbooks and e-books in Māori for all four courses.
  • It provides a top-tier, completely automated online learning environment
  • With over 200 video tutorial explanations and real-world courses
  • Along with an audio recording capability to check your pronunciation
  • Self-automated tests, and beautiful graphic animation in Māori to practice listening and observing activities.

Learn the Māori language online from the ease of your home with resources at your disposal at any time or place.

For the past 25 years, Dr Rāpata Wiri has taught Māori in universities and wnanga across New Zealand and Hawaii. He has trained tens of thousands of students to speak Te Reo Māori fluently during this period. Many people consider Dr Rāpata Wiri to be the foremost Māori language scholar and expert on Māori language revival. With the help of a series of audio lessons and entertaining online exercises, you can track a real whanau’s daily tasks.

Where Can I Learn Te Reo Māori?

You can enrol yourself in the courses offered by Reo Ora. Simply put, Reo Ora is the finest. Reo Ora is the best Māori language program available. Listed below are the course’s objectives:

  • By mastering the Māori language’s 329 most often occurring vocabulary and 30 most frequent grammatical constructions, you will be able to speak Te Reo Māori fluently in 12 weeks. In daily conversation, these 329 words and 30 sentence patterns account for 65% of the language.
  • You will obtain a 12-month membership to an online course. From level 1 through level 4, there are four courses available. Each course is different. If determined, you can enrol in all four classes at once.
  • This program will help you develop genuine self-assurance, respect for yourself, and pride in your unique individuality.
  • With a 98% success record, the courses have been tried by thousands of students over the span of the last 25 years.

How Long Does It Take To Become Fluent In Te Reo?

One of the easiest languages to learn is Māori, whereas one of the most difficult is Japanese. You can quickly learn the Māori language using Reo Ora’s accelerated learning technique. Reo Ora’s Te Reo Māori Online Courses will make you fluent in the language and help you gain confidence in your identity through its Te Reo Māori Online Courses.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Te Reo Māori?

  • Begin slowly
    It is a common misconception that we need to master the most complex verbs, nouns, and adjectives instantly. But that will happen in time. Rather than viewing mastering te Reo as a 100-metre sprint, view it as a lifelong marathon. Make that first step in a marathon matter. You could start by translating everyday articles you have around the home or office.
  • Check your pronunciation
    ‘Keke’ indicates cake in te Reo Māori, whereas ‘kēkē’ means armpit.
    ‘Wētā’ is the Māori classification for the New Zealand invertebrate, and weta is a term for faeces.
    Macron determines the long or short sounds. It is crucial to realise that in te Reo, pronunciation reigns. You can improve your pronunciation in the comfort and safety of your home using many internet resources.
    Starting with the Māori vowels of a, e, i, o, and u is a good idea.
  • Challenge yourself
    Do not be afraid to apply pressure. You will be certain to achieve some dialect personal bests when you push yourself outside the cosy confines of that all-too-familiar comfort bubble. Whether learning a new Māori word a day, a new kwaha (idiom) a week, or you go all in and devote to initiatives like the Mahuru Māori initiative (speaking only te Reo for the entire month of September).
  • Boost your job chances
    The benefits of learning a second language are well known but learning Māori te Reo could also increase your chances of landing a job in many sectors. Finding a fulfilling position in education, health, government, and social services, the booming Māori economy could be improved by upskilling online or in a classroom.
  • Enter a new world
    The Māori worldview, or te ao Māori, can be observed through the “window” of your newly acquired language. Once you reach a specific level of Māori proficiency, you start to grasp much more about Māori culture. Enjoy the journey, grasshopper.

Is Learning Māori Difficult?

According to a psychology and linguistics researcher, Te Reo Māori is one of the simplest languages to learn.

Chris Krageloh from the Auckland University of Technology has researched Māori and the sounds of European languages. He claims that irrespective of how you arrange the letters, the sounds of Te Reo Māori usually remain the same. In contrast, he asserts that English spelling is extremely challenging due to the language’s sounds being clustered, for example, dough and rough.

According to Dr Krageloh, the Māori language is equally as easy to read and write as Finnish. Additionally, he argues that teaching children te Reo Māori at an early age will help them master English more swiftly since they will be more conscious of the differences between languages.

Final Thoughts

Reo Ora offers the most comprehensive Te Reo Māori Online Courses in the country.
It is the place to start if you are passionate about te Reo Māori either personally or professionally and want to help the Māori language thrive.

You will develop the linguistic competence necessary to communicate in Māori areas and common everyday contexts without much supervision. You will study, rehearse, and discuss traditional storytelling, mihimihi (acknowledgements and introductions), and hui whakatau (gatherings) features.

Our programme provides a safe, judgment-free atmosphere where you can feel at ease while learning among others in the same condition.

This course was created and produced by language learners, for language learners, or for people looking to rekindle their Reo.

You will receive a 12-month membership to an online course. From level 1 through level 4, there are four courses available. Each course is distinct. You can enrol in all four classes at once if you are serious.

We encourage mistakes and let students gain confidence during the course. Conquering any trauma that might have kept you from accepting your Reo earlier. On this journey, we are here to encourage and assist you.

We want you to feel comfortable learning te Reo in the comfort of your own home, grow in confidence, and love it.